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"And on the personal side, my thanks to U.S.A.F. Staff Sergeant Marcin O'Brien for making the effort to attend the show and traveling in from San Antonio to be in the audience Saturday night.

I like and respect Marcin, and the fact that he is married to my daughter Amanda and is the father of my new granddaughter Grace boosts his popularity even more. All three were in Galveston and it was a very happy time, indeed. Thanks for coming, kids."

"Gee, Dad must have had a really good time"

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Brian has made the momentous decision to uproot from Massachusetts and move to a warmer climate. Leaving the New England winters behind was only one factor...his new home in Marion, South Carolina also places him in the geographic center of the entertainment venues on the East Coast where he most often works. Marion, SC is very close to Myrtle Beach, and about equal in traveling (Wilbury) distance between Branson and Atlantic City.

And just to make a true Orbison fan feel right at home, (and that there is no such thing as coincidence) the cross street of his new address is...BLUE AVENUE.

Webmasters Disclaimer:

You might want to view the photo that Brian sent in
of "his" new mansion with a grain of salt.

Granted, his new home is on historic plantation land, also of white brick, has the Old-South porch columns, "Carolina Pines" and ancient oak trees -- but I suspect overall with the photo above he may have slightly exaggerated.
Just a little.


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ARCHIVES of prior "What's New" pages
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SEPT/OCT/ 2005

The Gulf Coast of Texas provided a fine backdrop
for the latest production of "The Lost Concert".

"Despite a lot of rain and high tides from the remnants of now-infamous Hurricane Katrina 300 miles away, the six shows at the Moody Gardens Convention Center were very well attended. Pete Alden and I had a terrific time performing the Roy and Elvis medleys we commissioned several years ago, and theatregoers in Galveston seemed to enjoy them every bit as much as the original Nashville audiences. The intertwining of Elvis's and Roy's individually distinctive but alike-named songs "It's Over" was so popular it became our encore every night. (a recording of it remains on the AUDIO page.)

I've perfomed in Texas many times, but the combination of being able to work with my good friend in such a fine venue made this gig in Galveston a real pleasure".

I especially want to thank Mike Skiles and the staff of
Galveston Island Musicals for making us feel very welcome
and for doing such a fine job of promoting the show.