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"I’m going back some day, gonna stay
...where the folks are fine and the world is mine,
I’ll never be blue, my dreams come true, on Blue Bayou"...
Orbison/Melson, "Blue Bayou" 1963

Hello from Shreveport, Louisiana, right where Roy's beautiful "Blue Bayou" country starts, along the banks of the Red River. What would bring our singer to Louisiana? the Civil War history he loves? the famous Cajun/Creole music and cuisine?
None of the above actually, the correct "
C-word" is CASINO.
Six of them, big lush Vegas-style hotel and gambling palaces lined up along the river.

Hollywood Casino Shreveport and the Neon Bridge link

Brian is currently appearing at the Hollywood Casino,
(above, lit in red and blue)
the hotel given nod to as the finest of the lot,
and the only casino hosting an ongoing stage show.
He will be there through September 12th, 2004.

There could hardly be a better spot for Brian to have such an extended engagement. A stone's throw away across the state border is Texas, and Roy is the "hometown boy who made good" to many show-goers who are ardent and appreciative Orbison fans.
Before his run in Shreveport is over, it's clear he is going to add to his collection of "Roy-stories" from patrons who, besides giving Brian glowing compliments, relate first-hand facts and anecdotes about Roy's years in Texas.

Brian was in the right place at the right time..
with his latest casino gig being in Louisiana...

Municipal Auditorium Shreveport / Louisiana HayrideFamous in country music history as the hometown of "The Cradle of the Stars",
Municipal Auditorium was the radio home from 1948 to 1960 of "The Louisiana Hayride"
ounterpart to the Grand Ole Opry)

(The Parks Dept has a good modern photo of the building here).....

This 3500-seat, beautiful and historic building was officially rededicated and reopened to the public June 28th after having been restored to it's original 1920's grandeur. The lower level lobby, and the former box office of the auditorium are now a museum of it's "Hayride" days. The original seating is back in place, the teak and skylights of the ornate ceiling again glow, and the stage area has the immense arch restored....a far cry from the dark days when the under stage basement was used as the city morgue.

Brian was particularily pleased to be a special guest at the rededication ceremony because a musical great with a treasured connection to Orbison was an honoree -- guitarist James Burton started his career here. With his famous Fender Telecaster, he is most renown for his years with Elvis (whose early onstage persona was polished at the "Hayride"; he sang there every Saturday night for almost a year and a half in 1954,'55, and '56. He and Roy were never on the bill at the same time, though) The next time you watch the "Black and White Nights" video, take note of the man with the paisley guitar stage-right of Roy....that's James Burton.

www.James-Burton.net is his own official website.
An excellent, concise webpage about James is

Taken at
the rededication
, and behind the scenes

and, some interior shots

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"Two wheels a-turnin', big motor burnin' the road,
I'll ride the highway, I'm going my way, I'll leave a story untold.
Big wheels a-turnin', ride on away from here"...
"Ride Away" 1965

Big engines have indeed been rumbling during Brian's last few weeks at "Legends in Concert", as May swept into South Carolina aboard more than 250,000! motorcycles.
The 64th annual Myrtle Beach Bike Week was a nonstop showcase of chrome plated history. Trick-painted "choppers" and luxurious touring motorcycles were lined up at night in the Legends Theatre parking lot like modern sculpture, including some classic "shovelhead" bikes from the 60's like the one pictured, that Roy enjoyed so much.

The Harley Davidson Owners Association brought the "Legends" show into the downtown Convention Center each afternoon. Quite a few folks who enjoyed that went to the regular theatre show at night, and were back downtown for the next afternoons performance!

(Brian singing Roy's
"Mean Woman Blues"
takes on a whole different slant when his Legends dancers are
black-leather-clad biker girls)

Brian McCullough / Roy Orbison / at Convention Center Myrtle Beach, SC 2004

It wasn't just tourists who came along with all those motorcycles...the Summer rotation of "Legends" performers brought two new acts in to keep the energy level high. What better reflection of the free spirit of America (besides all that 2-wheeled thunder) than "The Boss", Bruce Springsteen? (recall that line in "Born To Run"--"Roy Orbison sang for the lonely"?)...Canadian Matt Ryan as a perfect jeans and flag-vest clad Bruce showed us "Thunder Road" is alive and well. (and the last weeks of May, right outside the theatre door, too)

And, who better to appear along with Roy Orbison than an artist who helps keep his music in the public eye and ear? Brigitte Valdez is a powerful Celine Dion, giving the version of Roy's "I Drove All Night" used in the recent Chrysler commercials Celines own flair, along with the popular "My Heart Will Go On" from the movie "Titanic". Did you know the lyrics to the latter were written by Will Jennings, who co-wrote with Orbison several songs for Roy's last album "Mystery Girl"?

....Every so often, for some special night, Brian has a chance to put into his "Legends" set something very different, and very beautiful; another song also from "Mystery Girl." The band is silent for those four minutes as alone under a center stage spotlight, he sings "In The Real World" a cappella. You can hear the proverbial pin drop as he makes that gift to the audience. All the easier to tell why Brian is given the same introduction used for Orbison...
"and now..."The Voice"...

"In The Real World" is up on the AUDIO page, (link at right)
--taped last summer at one of Brian's special shows.

click the logo above to be taken to their website
for schedule and ticket information

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Brian's been accused
of not doing enough
shows near home.
Pleading guilty, he has
agreed to settle up with
his fans in the Northeast
when he returns from
all his traveling.

.......SEPTEMBER '04

He really is
a good guy, Officer...

Hello, New England,

Brian will finally be
on his way home soon.

See you in October!

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Both an ear-full
and an eye-full,
black leather
(and not much else

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Cast picture of all
the Legends, in
Myrtle Beach.

May 2004Legends in Concert cast photo thumbnail
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