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press release from Caesars/Bally's

"Hello! ...I'm happy to report in from the "Pageant City"

"Legends in Concert," at the Palace Theatre in the historic Claridge hotel (now owned by Ballys casino) is celebrating eleven years here in Atlantic City, and they're doing it with some terrific acts. Steve McCoy was here for the first few couple of weeks after my arrival. Steve is about the best Tom Jones act anywhere. He was even introduced once in Las Vegas from the stage by the real Tom Jones, who had spotted him in the audience.

There are a couple of new artists in the line-up this Spring, and it was a great pleasure getting to know them. First is Doug Brewin, taking a break from his own band "Late Night Rodeo." His resemblance to the look and sound of country great Alan Jackson is phenomenal. The second is Dave Lawrence, a veteran entertainer fresh to our lineup with a fine job in the persona of Lionel Richie. It's great to see new talent coming into a great old show like "Legends in Concert" and you can be sure that Doug and Dave will be at most of their venues across the country over the next several months, helping to establish that next generation of tribute artists.

Also joining me this time around are old friends Steve Fairchild as Garth Brooks, and Kristi Coombs as Marilyn Monroe. Fairchild is known just about everywhere as the premiere Garth tribute artist, plus he now owns several ice cream parlors with his family in another "showtown" - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Kristi Coombs is absolutely my favorite Marilyn. She's petite and bright and has the memorable look and the whispered voice of the former Norma Jean down pat. A performer on Broadway at a very tender age, Kristi is living here in New Jersey and will be getting married in September. (No, she is not tying the knot with a DiMaggio look-alike!)

Check the SHOWS page for showtimes here in Atlantic City and plan a trip in. There's a lot to see and do and I can give you some tips on terrific places to eat, too. I'll be here at "Legends" through the third week in April, so take a weekend off, come see the show and try your casino luck".

All the best, Brian

...and here's Brian before a show,
getting ready for
the new promotional
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December 2004
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"A very special "thank you" to everyone who came out to see the show at the YMCA in Greenfield last month. It was a lot of fun"... This was a fundraiser for the Y, and they were completely blown away by the fantastic turnout!

It was also a chance to get together with Mike Slahetka and his group "Shakin' All Over". They definitely have the sound of the rock-n-roll years down, and their abilities were terrific - they learned the Orbison songs for my set in record-breaking time. Thanks for all of your effort, guys. We will certainly work together again!

Having not done a show on my home turf in quite a while, this event gave me a good chance to see old friends and familiar faces. What fun! Folks took the time to remind me of shows from years ago where we had met, even as far back as a show some nine years ago in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. To all the fans who related having seen me in this area and in Atlantic City - thanks for sharing"...

Thank you to Fran Carmey for the video
from which this slideshow was made.

Brian leaves home again at the end of December -
first, for a New Years Eve gig 'way down South;
from there he flies back up North, to appear
the next four months nightly in Atlantic City.
Details on the
SHOWS page (link at right)
and in this press release from Caesars/Bally's :


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ARCHIVES of 2004 "What's New" pages:

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Read what the Atlantic City newspaper has to say about the show

In January...a special nod to my "Elvis-and-Roy" fans on what would have been The Kings 70th birthday.

Brian and Pete Alden performed their "Lost Concert" show once again, this time in Florida.

Even if you have never been here, you may be more familiar with Atlantic City, New Jersey than you realize. Right in the center of all the fabulous Vegas-glitzy casino hotels along the beachfront (and next to Bally's where Brian is appearing) is the venerable Civic Auditorium, home since 1921 of the "Miss America" pageant. And remember all those hours you spent playing "the world's most popular board game" Monopoly, with Park Place, Ventnor, Atlantic and Pacific Avenues?...all named for real streets here in Atlantic City. There's a posh plaza at the intersection of (where else!) Boardwalk & Park Place; and The Boardwalk is still real boards, miles of it.........(close)