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2004 got off on the right foot with a busy January...Brian made an appearance at the Florida Sunburst Convention at Universal Studios in Orlando. Designed to be a place for tribute artists to meet with agents and industry insiders, the convention included two days of showcase performances by artists from all over the East coast and Canada.

Sunburst Convention 2004 / IGCITA

Check out the convention website for a look at some of the acts and some of the agents with whom Brian met.
Keep in mind, these were showcases of talent...not competitions. Too bad!

Jan 28-31 2004

Sunburst Convention logo

Immediately after the close of the Florida Sunburst Convention, Brian headed up the coast to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to put in a few days of rehearsal with the Legends band before the show's 2004 season opener. Brian has worked with this same talented group of musicians several times over the past few years and was anxious to get back together with them.

If you haven't yet seen the Legends website, be sure to take a few minutes to look around. The theatre at Surfside Beach, just below Myrtle Beach, is a state-of-the-art entertainment center with all of the splash and professional sound one could expect from one of the leading shows in this beautiful resort area.

And, if you'll be in the area anytime during Brian's contract there, February 6th through the end of May, be sure to hit the "contact" button here on the left and let him know. There's ample opportunity for a meet-and-greet after every show, and you never know, he might just head out for coffee with you at one of his favorite local late night haunts.

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"The weather is here, wish you were beautiful...
or something like that!"

Brian reports mostly sunny days and very enjoyable shows from the "Legends in Concert" theatre at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Days have been warm enough for him to get in some more bicycle riding, cruise through a classic & "kustom" car show, and behave like a tourist with visiting friends. (two words...alligator farm.)

Legends is going well, with eight shows being performed each week at the 900+ seat venue. Brian opens his set as Roy a little bit differently than usual, with a great "Oh, Pretty Woman" (complete with a stage full of the same) letting everyone know the lively quality of what they're about to enjoy.

Once Brian finishes with "Crying", the unenviable position of following him falls to Jourdan Carroll, who really impresses the crowd with his deep voice as Barry White. Handing an occasional rose to a female fan or two, and sprinkling rose petals as he sings of romance, disco style, help to make Jourdan a very popular guy.

How Kenny Barret and Tim Stamper as The Blues Brothers keep up their incredible energy show after show is anybody's guess -- they absolutely tear through "Soul Man", "Sweet Home Chicago", the comedic "Rawhide" and more in their blazing set. It is easy to see why they are an immensely popular duo of long standing.

If there was a small square of onstage real estate left untouched after the Blues Brothers, it didn't escape the wild Englishman who dropped by for a few nights. Rod ("If-You-Think-I'm-Sexy") Stewart, a.k.a. Rob ("Hot-Legs") Caudill had the audience fielding soccer balls and recalling why "Tonight's The Night". Rob will be back for a longer run later this year. (after we've caught our breath).

Many of you have already seen Brian perform with Suzanne Goulet as she presents her Liza Minnelli. Some even saw Brian at sea with Rebecca Young as she throughly inhabited the role of Judy Garland. This season, "Legends" is trying something a bit different...the mother and daughter characters take the stage together and share duets, swap stories, and take solo turns.

Ryan Pelton always finishes the night with his very agreeable tribute to The King. Ryan's good looks and consistant attention to detail make him a real crowd pleaser, and has he ever got the moves! A rousing buildup to the traditional "ultimate-Elvis-moment" of a flag-draped finale with "American Trilogy" only adds to the audience's satisfaction.

Take a look at the LINKS section (at side) of this site for more on Ryan, and click the "Legends in Concert" logo (above) to be taken to their website for full schedule and ticket information.

Where will Brian be singing next? the gold UPDATE link (left, above); further details will be posted here next month.

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Brian's been accused
of not doing enough
shows near home.
Pleading guilty, he has
agreed to settle up with
his fans in the Northeast
when he returns from
his "Legends" gig in
Myrtle Beach, SC.
this Summer.

He really is
a good guy, Officer...

Sorry, New England,
Brian won't be back
home quite so soon...
immediately after his closing night in late May at "Legends" in Myrtle Beach, he headed off to "Cajun country USA" until mid-September 2004.

...think of "Blue Bayou"

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