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I was thinking of you this holiday season from

...which is not an example of a locale that would pass for hip.

Wholesome "family" shows --over 100 of them-- are the standard fare here. Norman Rockwell families with one parent of each gender with well-scrubbed and talented offspring follow the lucrative Osmond entertainment mold by singing, dancing and playing all sorts of instruments.

For all it's lack of worldly cool, Branson does offer visitors one very solid and valuable commodity: Tradition.

In a 21st century world of fears, doubts, and constant self-examination, Branson proudly declares that values, morals, and old time religion still have a home. No political debate is present here over whether the greenery ought to be called a "Christmas Tree" or a "Holiday Tree". The Christ of the Ozarks, an enormous seven story statue reminiscent of the larger example in Rio de Janeiro, towers over the local horizon and the Christian message is everywhere. Agree with the message or not, the sincerity of the messengers cannot be doubted.

And so, my Friends, we come to my wishes for you:

May you continue to enjoy the freedom of your beliefs.

May you hold fast to whatever creed, code, or congregation that can bring you personal peace, comfort, and the kind of self-assurance I have seen here, and be sustained by it.

And in this season, and the coming year,


Cast photo from the Legends Family Theatre

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.JAN/FEB 2006.

Fans in New England were happy to see Brian finally had time for a show up "home"

Remember last year when he sang in Greenfield, MA. - backed by Mike Slahetka's band "Shakin All Over"?

The party was on again January 28th, and it was a great sold-out night!

the Webmaster has a new note in from Brian, who is now back at home in South Carolina. It will be posted here in the next few days.

ARCHIVES of prior "What's New" pages
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A report from the "front of the house" this time

One of Brian's favorite ways to stay connected with fellow Orbison fans, musicians and other "oldies" aficionados is the Internet, and a long standing favorite spot of his there is a chat dedicated to 50's and 60's music. It's a great pleasure for him when geography and opportunity finally conspire favorably, and he can meet fans at shows where previously they have only been acquaintances online.
Every place he travels, and nearly every show no matter where brings him Email, and IM's. Often it seems folks must have hardly gotten back home afterwards before taking the time to write in with anecdotes and opinions, with reflections and affection. One posting to the AOL "Oldies Music" group was about Brian's latest tour last month, and with the senders kind permission, (Thank you Rich and Mamie!) he'd like to share it with you:

Saturday, October 22nd

"Most of you probably know, or know of, our own FAUXORB. What you may not know is that "Faux" is a Roy Orbison impersonator. Brian's show schedule moves him around quite a bit, and for the last year we have been trying to go see him when he comes anywhere near our area in Pennsylvania.
Last Saturday we were finally able to see him perform...the bonus was we got to see Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley too!

If you ever get the chance to catch Brian's act, you must go, trust us. Mamie and I found ourselves staring at him while he sang and you actually start to think it's really Roy, he is that good. He spoke in that soft tone of voice and had all of Roy's mannerisms down pat including the stance Roy used while playing. Brian hit those trademark powerful Roy Orbison high notes without even blinking and just paralyzed the audience with "Crying". "In Dreams" is a special song for Mamie and I and during his rendition, we were both wiping our eyes. Of course he finished his set with a very powerful delivery of "Pretty Woman' that had the crowd clapping their hands and stomping their feet :)

The Buddy Holly impersonator was equally as good and a superb guitarist. They paid attention to the little things too, like two vintage Fender amps on the stage with the cloth-covered amp cord and Buddy sang into a microphone from the era. For the closing act we expected to see the Elvis impersonator come out in the white thunderbird body suit but no!...out came the young Elvis in a red blazer, and a big pompador! What a unique act. He only did songs from Elvis's Sun Records days and early RCA years; "Teddy Bear" "Hound Dog" "Jailhouse Rock" "Heartbreak Hotel, etc. At one point he had the bass player on one side of him and the guitarist on the other and explained that they were re-creating the scene at Sun Records for the recording of "That's Alright Mama". Umm...can I say that this guy sounded better than the recordings of that song that I have heard?

Anyway, this is one incredible show and you should try to catch it.

And we didn't miss the chance to get our pics with Roy and Buddy!"

Philadelphia, PA.

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